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Social Services

RCM facilitates distribution of Sadaqa and Zakah via partnerships with SHARE Atlanta, North Fulton Community Charities, New American Pathways, and other reputable non-profit organizations. We apply appropriate jurisprudence and background research to verify appropriate distribution. Occasional drives are held for specific needs (clothing, toys, school supplies, food, etc). RCM also utilizes chartable funds for quarterly refugee supplies distribution in Clarkston, GA. The supplies are purchased from the sadaqa and zakah accounts and distributed among newly arrived refugees by coordination with New American Pathways.

Please note that RCM does not distribute charity funds directly to individuals. All those seeking sadaqa or zakah monetary aid are kindly requested to http://share-atlanta.org/ and can email nazam@roswelllmasjid.org or imam@roswellmasjid.org