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VISION99 is RCM’s vision to enable our community to create an anchor to serve Allah and his creation for generation after generation.

  1. It is not a 5-year or a 10-year vision, but it is a 99-year vision.
  2. To actualize this vision our community must take advantage of the rare opportunity of acquiring the strategically located 18-Acre property.
  3. The property identified is within a short distance of the current location and is conveniently located within 1/4mile off Hwy 400.

Upon completing the purchase of the property, RCM will proceed to build its next permanent home in a structure that can sustain our needs for the next ten years, complete with green space, ample parking, and customized spaces that serve the community’s spiritual, social, and educational needs.The additional acreage will become useful for future generations to utilize when needs arise.

This ensures a lasting and comfortable home where our American Muslim community in North Fulton can call home for multiple generations.

Please be part of this true visionary initiative. Let’s build this legacy Project