UpLift Youth

UpLift bases its values upon the idea that the mainstream method of Islamic self-development focuses solely on education and instruction rather than practical application and action. However, the Quran calls on us to do more than memorize its words. The Quran requires us to employ its wisdom in our daily affairs and dealings. Rather than instructing youth about Islam in the hopes they identify themselves with it, UpLift aims to foster the passion of Islamic values so youth may immerse their faith in their daily lives. This is done pragmatically through assiduous enrichment, advancement and growth. The UpLift paradigm stresses proactivity and involvement through a variety of hands-on gatherings, events and functions.

UpLift hosts a halaqa for high schoolers every Sunday from 11:30am-1pm at RCM.

For a comprehensive list of UpLift’s events and strategies, or to join the group, click here to visit the UpLift website!