Mission, Strategy, & Metrics

RCM Mission Statement

To function as a center for community development, facilitate access to authentic Islamic knowledge to individuals of all ages in a family friendly environment, and empower youth by equipping them with good character, knowledge, and skills to positively impact society.


Strategic Plan Summary 2017-2018

RCM’s 2017-2018 strategic plan is a product of combined efforts between community members, volunteers, and leaders. The plan utilizes the La Piana strategic model for non-profit corporations. Below, please find more information regarding the strategic intiatives RCM is looking to undertake for the next 5 years inshAllah.


Key Definitions of Terms Utilized Within the Strategic Plan:

Strategy Screen: Filters that will be utilized when deciding on an initiative. Strategic screens allow RCM to remain focused and decide how to allocate limited resources within unlimited possibilities.

Big Questions: Over-arching goals RCM would like to achieve. Big questions will have strategic initiatives, which have been filtered through the strategic screen and need to be implemented in order to answer the big question. Sucess metrics must be established for strategic initiatives in order to ensure that the big auestion has been successfully answered. RCM currently has two big questions.


RCM Strategy Screen

Any and all initiatives RCM undertakes must:

– Support the stated RCM mission
– Be professionally executed and reflect Ihsan (excellence)
– Provide measurable and quantifiable outcomes
– Be realistic given RCM’s resources (financial, operational, etc.)
– Be sustainable, financially and otherwise
– Have both immediate and broader impact for the Roswell community


Big Questions and Strategic Initiatives

Big Questions Strategic Initatives

Big Question #1: Given the current community resources, how can RCM develop, expand, or improve its capacity to meet the growing needs of the community?

1 – Hire 2 additional religious leaders who can mobilize and inspire our community
2 – Hire 2 professional staff for key leadership positions
3 – Develop a human resources and volunteer management program to better manage and engage volunteers
4 – Develop an RCM HUB* with at least 7 partners
5 – Create an open forum that enables people to self-start programs and clubs
6 – Enhance communication/marketing plans to match the needs of the new strategy being put in place
7 – Establish qualitative measures for program success.
Big Question #2: How can RCM encourage and equip a wider circle of Muslims to pursue a stronger relationship with God, deeper ties with other Muslims, and stronger influence in the greater Roswell/Atlanta community?
1 – Develop a strong guest speaker program (including Friday sermons)
2 – Establish various professional development programs
3 – Initiate more community, social, family, and youth programs
4 – Create a new Muslims program
5 – Expand RCM’s interfaith outreach
6 – Expand RCM’s outreach to the broader community through civic engagment
7 – Develop Umrah and international programs for youth
8 – Provide more robust, first-hand social services
9 – Develop a scholarship program that enables youth to fulfill chosen career path


Success Metrics

Big Question #1:

-Increase revenue by 25%
– Increase membership by 40%
– Increase in average program attendance by 10%
– Increase in quality of programs
– General increase in number of active programs

Big Question #2:

-Increase in numberr of attendees aged 15-25 by 50%
– Conduct at least 10 youth events a year
– Increase participation in New Muslims Program by 10%
– Increase participation in interfaith programs by 25%
– General increase in number of interfaith programs
– Provide a more welcoming atmosphere for “Un-Mosqued” Muslims to come to the masjid


We are always seeking feedback from our community!
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding RCM’s strategic plan, please feel free to contact us at info@roswellmasjid.org.